U-bolt Bracket Kit for Pipe Mounting Reflectors

U-bolt Bracket Kit for Pipe Mounting Reflectors
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The KP Performance KPPA-DPB is specially designed U-bolt bracket kit that allows for pipe mounting our reflector dish antennas. 

For common tower or pipe installs where standard J-Arm mounts cannot be attached, we created the KPPA-DPB mount system, an innovative and inexpensive mounting bracket that allows you to quickly and easily mount any of our reflector dish antennas to pipes and towers.

Made of the same materials as our reflector dish parts and hardware, the KPPA-DPB U-bolt mounting bracket replaces the stock mount on any of our 23” and 27.5” reflector dish products and can safely accommodate small and large diameter pipes from 1" - 2.75". If needed, the U-bolts included in this set can be swapped out to your desired size.