We have been using the KP products for two years. We were looking for better product and better price which lead us to the KP dishes. The KP product is a very versatile dish, easy to put up and the mounting system is pretty exceptional.

-- Neil 


We use your product exclusively. The reliability and specs of your products are far above other guys. KP has put together fabulous products that we sometime call customer savers. Add in the friendships with KP guys, who do what you say you will, makes KP a great company to deal with. 

-- Dave


As a WISP we look every day for value. We need every performance boost we can get out of our towers AP’s and installs. We have had great support and innovative new ideas working with KP Performance. Now we can save some extra money on leases and have room for expansion with the Dual 5.X 2.4 sector antenna. 

Thank You KP Performance for helping keep us on the cutting edge.

-- Tim


I was originally thoroughly disappointed with the performance of the PMP450 with the stock 60 degree sector. There were areas well within the projected coverage area that wouldn’t maintain a link at -83dBm. Furthermore, the locations that could link were at best 6x/1x modulation. After replacing the 60 with your 90 degree sector, that -83dBm turned into -72dBm and 6x/1x modulation sites are now 6x/4x. I will proceed with using your sectors throughout our PMP450 deployment. Thank you KP Performance! 

-- Christopher


Started on the Trango platform and the noise floor/interference was a huge challenge. We even tried the shield kits with the vendor recommended antenna and saw 30-40% improvement. With the KP products we found the wind load was better and noise floor was so much better Seeing a 3-4 dBi gain at CPE was a huge improvement. KPPA is a class act. They take the time to educate and not just sell products. Going the extra mile and the quality of the product is exceptional. Moving forward we only deploy KPP products. 

-- Ashton


That sector was awesome! So here’s the deal: original sector 120 deg 16 db ubnt: epmp 1000 client signal strength intermittent between -80 to -83. KP 120 16.3db: epmp 1000 client signal strength solid -76 all day long, not intermittent. In case anyone else is wanting to know how it works real-world, feel free to quote our experience to others.

-- Cameron


The new Mikrotik mounts kick butt.  Rock solid boosting device. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for developing this!  The whole set up with a SXT is cheaper than the alternate Mikrotik solution.  KP ROCKS!  I am giddy with the performance. The first customer in the table below is with the KP dish and the second is without.

-- Steve


Those dual sectors I recently ordered worked out tremendously. On one tower I was able to take two 120degree sectors and replace each with one of the dual 5GHz sectors, turning 2 Rocket M5 APs into 4. The existing APs were both over-loaded and we were able to split the users of each near in half. The sectors performed admirably and we did not have any co-AP interference issues. With normal channel planning we were able to get the co-located APs to operate normally. The best part may have been that since we were migrating from KPP sectors already we were able to swap just the sector onto the existing mounts. Two 4 nuts each sector and the old one came off and the new ones matched right up to the same holes. Easy as could be.

-- Ty