Technical Charts from KP Performance Antennas

Radio-to-Antenna Compatibility Chart Quickly identify compatibility between popular AP and CPE radios on the market with KP antennas. Find out which of our antennas work with radios from Mimosa, Cambium, BaiCells, Ubiquiti, MikroTik, Telrad and more!
Antenna Downtilt Reference Chart Identify the inner and outer radius coverage based on an antennas elevation beamwidth of 7deg and your tower height and downtilt.
Return Loss Conversion Table  Conversion chart showing Return Loss (dB) and its correspding VSWR value.
dBm-Volts-Power Conversion Chart Conversion chart showing dBm-Volts-Power values in a 50 Ohm system.  
RF Connector Frequency Chart Shows common RF connector types and their corresponding frequency capabilities and applications. 
RF, Microwave & Millimeter-Wave Frequency Bands Clearly defines the RF, microwave and millimeter-wave spectrum bands from L-band (1-2 GHz) up to D-band (110-170 GHz) and their corresponding wavelengths.