Sector Antennas

Directional Sector Antenna

Sector antennas from KP Performance Antennas are a type of directional microwave antenna with a sector-shaped radiation pattern commonly used by WISPs to transmit wireless signals to multiple clients in the network and in point-to-multipoint base station applications. For WISPs to increase or broaden their coverage area to serve as many clients as possible, multiple sector antennas are installed on the same support structure such as a tower or mast.

KP Performance sector antennas are available with many popular beamwidth patterns (measured in degrees) including 40°, 60°, 65°, 90°, and 120°. KP sectors cover the most widely used frequency bands for WISPs such as the 2.4 GHz (2000-2999 MHz), 3 GHz (3000-4899 MHz), and 5 GHz (4900-5999 MHz) spectrums. Depending on the sector antenna, KP Performance sectors offer gain performance from 11.5 dBi to 18 dBi. KP offers sector antennas that pair with the industry's most popular radios from manufacturers like Mimosa, BaiCells, Ubiquiti, Cambium, Telrad and more.

KP Performance sector antennas are shipped from stock the same-day they are ordered. Sector antennas from KP come with a 100% performance guarantee and are backed by expert technical support from a team of former WISP operators and Ph.D. antenna engineers.