Panel Antennas

Flat Panel Antennas

Panel antennas from KP Performance, also known as a flat panel, are a type of lower-cost directional microwave antenna commonly used as an access point when coverage is needed in a single direction over a small area. Flat panel antennas from KPPA are also used as a client-side antenna, instead of a reflector dish, due to their high gain and moderate beam width (20-40 degree) for their relatively small size.

KP Performance panel antennas cover common narrowband WISP frequencies including the 900 MHz band and 3 GHz band.

KP Performance panel antennas are shipped from stock the same-day they are ordered. Flat panel antennas from KP come with a 100% performance guarantee and are backed by expert technical support from a team of former WISP operators and Ph.D. antenna engineers.