Technical Articles for WISPs

Published August 2021: Case Study: Bringing Broadband Networks to Rural Tribal Nations

Published January 2021: Maximizing SINR: KP ProLine Horns and Sectors

Published January 2020: The Arduous Process of Finding a Home for 5G at C-Band

Published November 2019: How Utilities Can Leverage Last Mile Wireless

Published November 2019: Antenna Showdown: Sectors vs. Horns

Published October 2019: Antenna Considerations for SCADA Applications

Published Sep 2019: Link Budgeting 101: How to Get Started

Published Aug 2019: KP Performance Announces Compatibility with Ubiquiti and Mimosa Radios

Published July 2019: Top Antennas Technologies for WISPs

Published June 2019: Untangling Antenna Polarization Technology

Published May 2019: The Benefits of Using Connectorized Radios

Published April 2019:  Interview: The Benefits of an RF Propagation Analysis

Published March 2019:  TV White Space for Rural Broadband Wireless Service

Published March 2019:  OPINION: The Mad Rush for Spectrum - No Slice Too Small

Published March 2019:  Product & Performance Comparison: Omni Antennas vs. Sector Antennas

Published March 2019:  Selecting A Parabolic Dish for Unlicensed Point-to-Point Links

Published February 2019:  Multi-Port Antennas Reduce Deployment Costs

Published January 2019:  Looking Ahead: The Future of 5 GHz & Beyond

Published December 2018:  Proposed TV White Space (TVWS) Rules Would Improve Rural Broadband

Published October 2018:  3 Key Factors to Consider When Evaluating Sector Antenna Performance

Published September 2018:  Key Spectrum Updates Affecting Your Networks

Published August 2018:  Benefits of Using a Multi-Port Sector Antenna with 4x4 MIMO

Published July 2018:  Wireless Internet Service Providers and Net Neutrality: It’s Complicated

Published July 2018:  Antenna Downtilt: A Practical Overview

Published July 2018:  PIM's Impact on LTE & Wi-Fi Signals

Published June 2018:  It’s a Watershed Moment for Wireless ISPs

Published May 2018:  How an FCC Rule Change Could Impact the 3.5 GHz CBRS Band

Published April 2018:  Changing of the Guard: How LTE Replaced Wi-Fi & WiMax.

Published December 2017:  White Paper: Downtilt - How To Set It

Published November 2017:  Antennas for WISP Fixed Wireless Access Networks

Published October 2017:  Are WISPs the Answer for Rural IoT?

Published October 2017:  White Paper: Determining Your Network Deployment

Published September 2017:  Wireless Internet Service Providers Catch A Break

Published March 2017:  New Antennas Meet the Expanding Needs of the WISP Market


These technical articles are written for WISPs by WISPs. These articles, written by KP Performance Antennas, cover many popular and pressing issues such as industry policy changes and shifting markets, new and emerging technologies, proper ways to build out your wirless netowork, best practices in deploying antennas, and much more. Please click on any link above for an informative read.