5 GHz Boomerang Feed Horn with Bracket (2 Pack Box)

Frequency Range:4.9 GHz to 5.9 GHz
Connector Type:2 x Type N Female
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1 + $192.99
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The KPPA-5GHZDPFHA-K contains (2) 5 GHz feed horns and brackets only. This item requires a 23" or 27.5" KP dish antenna (sold separately) to install it on. 

Please note: This feed horn is optimized for use with a newer generation KP reflector dish and may not be optimized for some older generations of our dishes. If you are not sure the generation of dish kit you have, please contact us for clarification before purchasing. For full specs on this product, view our 5 GHz Boomerang Feed Horns under the Feed Horn section. You can purchase our 5 GHz Boomerang Feed Horn and Bracket separately from the kit if you already have one of our dishes to install it on.