31 dBi Active GPS/BeiDou/GLONASS Timing Antenna RHCP 1563/1575/1602, RG174 TNC Female IPX6

Minimum Frequency: 1559 MHz
Maximum Frequency: 1607 MHz
Band Type: Single
Nominal Gain: 31 dBi
Voltage Max DC: 5.5 Volts
VSWR, Max: 2:1
Impedence: 50 Ohms
Current, Max: 22 mA
Connector 1 Series: TNC
Connector 1 Gender: Female
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Product SKU: KPANGPS1016
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KP Performance's KPANGPS1016 active GPS timing antenna filters and amplifies GNSS L1, GLONASS G1, and BeiDou B1 global positioning signals received from satellite constellations. The antenna operates within 1559 MHz to 1563 MHz, 1574 MHz to 1606 MHz with high out-of-band rejection with an integrated 28 dB LNA.

The KP Performance KPANGPS1016 recovers timing and positioning data for timing reference and phase synchronization. High 31 dBi gain and low 1.5 dB noise figure allows for longer commercial grade cable, making installation versatile and economical.

The GPS timing antenna KPANGPS1016 from KP Performance is externally grounded with a DC feed through the RF cable. This Timing Antenna with TNC Female connector is compatible with several existing mounting brackets. The active antenna is fully ruggedized and IPX6 Rated. Active GPS Antennas from KP Performance are high-quality components backed by expert technical support and sales personnel.


  • TNC Female
  • Right Hand Circular Polarizied
  • 28 dB LNA w/ low 1.5 dB Noise Figure
  • Neodymium Rare-Earth Magnet
  • IPX6 Rated


  • High Accuracy Global Positioning
  • Precision Agriculture, Mining and Construction
  • Military and Security
  • Law Enforcement and Public Safety