1710-2690 MHz, 65 Deg. Sector Antenna, 18 dBi gain, 2-12 Deg. RET, 2 x 4.3-10 Female Connector

Minimum Frequency: 1710 MHz
Maximum Frequency: 2690 MHz
Polarization: 45 Deg. Slant
Gain: 17.6 dBi
Vertical Beamwidth: 5.2 Degrees
Horizontal Beamwidth: 62 Degrees
Downtilt Min: 2 Degrees
Downtilt Max: 12 Degrees
Front to Back Ratio: 27 dB
Number of Ports: 2
Connector Series: 4.3-10
Connector Gender: Female
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Product SKU: KP-1727SX6518-4F-R
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The KP Performance KP-1727SX6518-4F-R is a multi-band RET sector antenna with 45 deg. slant and 1710 to 2690 MHz frequency range with low PIM 4.3-10 female connectors. Remote Electrical Tilt (RET) antennas allow for the remote adjustment of its tilt angle. This feature optimizes signal strength and coverage, improving network performance and user experience. Communication networks that require continuous optimization to adjust antenna beams to changing traffic patterns and environmental conditions will benefit from the remote AISG controller ready capabilities of the KP-1727SX6518-4F-R RET antenna.

KP Performance’s KP-1727SX6518-4F-R has multiple bands operating from 1710 to 1990 MHz with 17.6 dBi gain, 1920 to 2200 MHz with 17.8 dBi gain, 2200 to 2490 MHz with 18.2 dBi gain, and 2490 to 2690 MHz with 18 dBi gain. This directional sector antenna has a maximum input VSWR of 1.5:1 and a maximum input power of 250 watts.

Whether using a handheld controller or a base station radio with integrated AISG controller, the KP-1727SX6518-4F-R remote management capabilities make it easy to adjust the electrical tilt angle. Its durable fiberglass construction enables it to withstand harsh environments, making it suitable for use in various communication applications. The KP-1727SX6518-4F-R RET antenna has a Passive Intermodulation rating of -153 dBc, which results in reduced interference, more reliable communication, and increased operational efficiency.

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  • 2-12° Remote Electrical Tilt (RET) using AISG 2.0
  • Internal RET
  • 1710-2690 MHz
  • 18 dBi gain
  • Fiberglass radome for easy and rugged installation
  • Downtilt brackets included
  • 2 x 4.3-10 Female Connectors for Low Passive Intermodulation (PIM)
  • <-153 dBc PIM at 2x20W tones


  • Mobile networks
  • WISP and Wi-Fi Networks
  • GSM, UMTS, LTE, 5G Networks
  • Public Safety
  • Smart Cities
  • Industrial and Enterprise Networks