1.574 GHz to 1.61 GHz, 32 dBi GPS/GLNSS Timing Antenna, W/ Mounting Kit

Frequency Range:1.574 to 1.61 GHz
Band Type:Single Band
Gain:32 dBi
Radiation Pattern:Omni Directional
Out of Band Rejection:70 dBi
Operating DC Voltage:5.5 V
Impedance:50 dB
Current:15 mA
Connector Type:TNC Female
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Product SKU: KP-GPSL1-32-MNT-TF
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The KP-GPSL1-32-MNT-TF GPS/GLNSS timing antenna is a professional grade product used for advanced time and frequency system

applications. Housed in an IP-67 rated high impact ASA ad die cast aluminum housing it’s suitable for all outdoor and marine environments.

It includes a set stainless steel and Dacron plated mounting clamps.


  • High Selectivity Dual Filter RF Architecture
  • Eliminates High Power RFI Operating within Multi-Located Base Station Environment
  • Impact Resistant ASA Radome
  • Rugged Die-Cast Aluminum Base
  • Integrated Bulkhead, TNC Jack
  • IP67 Rated
  • ¾" NPT and 1"-14 Marine Mount Compatible
  • UV Resistant/Cool Gray for Reduced Visibility
  • Mounts to standard pipe up to 1-1/2"
  • High grade stainless steel and Dacron plated steel mounting clamps


  • Network time Synchronization
  • Precision frequency reference