136 to 174 MHz, 3 dBi Folded Diploe Antenna with N Female, Vertical Polarization, 1 Port, 1.5 VSWR

Frequency Range: 136 MHz - 174 MHz
Polarization Type: Vertical
Gain: 3 dBi
Number of Ports: 1
VSWR: 1.5:1
Connector Type: Type N Female
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Product SKU: KP-138SPFD-3-NF
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The KP Performance KP-138SPFD-3-NF 136 to 174 MHz, 3 dBi folded dipole antenna, with N female connector is a low cost, high performance antenna designed for high power applications. With a frequency range of 136 to 174 MHz, this folded dipole antenna is suitable for military communications, trunking, public safety, industrial communication, and amateur radio applications. The folded dipole antenna’s beamwidth can be adjusted according to applications by fixing dipoles at certain heights and directions. This high gain 3 dBi antenna transmits high power signals, increasing the signal strength, thus providing improved coverage, better broadcast control, and faster speed.

KP's KP-138SPFD-3-NF folded dipole antenna is a dipole stand-alone made of aluminum alloy, and thus packaging, transportation, and installation become easier. It has a 1.5 VSWR that results in the best power transfer and reduced losses. This 136 to 174 MHz VHF/UHF antenna is one of the simplest and most widely used antenna producing radiation patterns as that of an electric dipole. It comes with a threaded and weatherproof N female connector type which ensures a reliable physical connection and can be fixed on a pole using the U-bolt brackets that come with the antenna.

This folded dipole antenna uses vertical polarization to transmit signals, thus reducing interference and performing better at lower heights. Our folded dipole antenna has 1 port to connect an external circuit with 100W maximum input power per port. All components of this 3 dBi antenna are DC grounded for lightning protection, have a rugged outdoor design, and have a high-power handling capacity.

This antenna with a 3 dBi maximum gain is ideal for LMR, military, airports, construction, mining, commercial applications and radio users. This KP-138SPFD-3-NF folded dipole antenna from KP comes in compact packaging for lower shipping costs, is in stock and available for same-day shipping. For further information on similar products, our expert technical support and highly trained sales team can get you the perfect 136 to 174 MHz, 3 dBi folded dipole antenna with a N female connector as per your requirement.


  • Frequency coverage for 136 MHz to 174 MHz with Type N Female connector and gain 3 dBi / 0.85 dBd antennas
  • Multiple Folded dipoles can be mouted on a mast for best performance
  • Feild adjustable radition patterns with 100W max input power per port
  • Easy and quick time to installations with U-Bolt mounts
  • Industrially tuned folded dipole allows plug and play
  • Weather and corrision free made of high-grade aluminum alloys
  • Vertical Polarization


  • Outdoor point-to-point (PtP) or point-to-multipoint (PtMP) applications
  • VHF radio applications supported with Trunking for two-way radio communications
  • Public Safety / Emergency services / Marine communications / Rail road communications
  • Tetra and P-25 Applications exclusively supported
  • Land Mobile Radio (LMR) and Private Mobile Radio (PMR)
  • Fixed and mobile services for paging/voice/data in full duplex and half duplex mode