1.166 GHz to 1.218 GHz/1.559 GHz to 1.606 GHz, 43 dBi LNA, GPS/GLNSS Timing Antenna

Frequency Range:1.166 to 1.218 GHz
Band Type:Multi Band
Gain:43 dBi
Radiation Pattern:Omni Directional
Out of Band Rejection:6 dBi
Operating DC Voltage:3.5 V
Impedance:50 dB
Current:30 mA
Connector Type:N Female
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Product SKU: KP-GPSL1L5-40-NF
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The KP Performance KP-GPSL1L5-40-NF GPS timing antenna is a Dual Band (L1 / L5) active antenna that filters and amplifies global positioning system signals received from GNSS (L1 / L5), Galileo (E1 / E5), GLONASS (G1 /G3), BeiDou (B1 /B2), QZSS (L1/L5), and IRNSS (L5) satellite constellations. The KP-GPSL1L5-40-NF recovers timing and positioning data for timing reference and phase synchronization.

The KP-GPSL1L5-40-NF antenna from KP Performance is designed with an integrated 40 dB LNA and operates within 1166 MHz to 1218 MHz and 1559 MHz to 1606 MHz with high out-of-band rejection. Increased position accuracy in densely populated urban areas is possible with 1 dB axial ratio. High 43 dBc gain and low 2 dB noise figure allows for longer commercial grade cable, making installation versatile and economical.

This KP Performance Type N Female KP-GPSL1L5-40-NF GPS antenna is compatible with several existing mounting brackets. The dual band (L1 / L5) active antenna is a fully ruggedized unit and IP67 Rated. The antenna is DC fed through the RF cable and is externally grounded.


  • Dual Band L1/L5
  • Multiple GNSS Systems Supported
  • High 40 dB Gain
  • Low 2 dB Noise Figure
  • 1 dB Axial Ratio
  • IP67 Rated
  • External Grounding Lug


  • Global: GPS (L1 / L5), Galileo (E1 / E5), GLONASS (G1 /G3)
  • Local: BeiDou (B1 /B2), IRNSS (L5)
  • Timing and Positioning Phase Synchronization
  • 1166 - 1218 MHz / 1559 - 1606 MHz
  • High Accuracy Mission Critical Global Positioning
  • Military and Security