1 Folded Dipole Antenna, 4.6 dbi Gain, 380-470 MHz, 1/4 Wave Offset Pattern, Type N Female, V-pol, 68 Vertical HBPW, 210 Horizontal HBPW

1 Folded Dipole Antenna, 4.6 dbi Gain, 380-470 MHz, 1/4 Wave Offset Pattern, Type N Female, V-pol, 68 Vertical HBPW, 210 Horizontal HBPW
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The KP-380SPED-5-NF from KP Performance Antennas is a high-performance, single element exposed folded dipole antenna specifically designed to aesthetically pleasing design. The KP-380SPED-5-NF operate from 380 to 470 MHz for UHF applications like boosting radar, GPR/WPR, FM Radio, TV broadcasts, public safety, LMR / PMR and aviation where directivity and coverage are very important. The KP Performance Antennas KP-380SPED-5-NF has 4.6 dBi / 2.45 dBd of high gain which is ideal for these applications.

The KP Performance Antennas KP-380SPED-5-NF has Vertical polarization, 210 horizontal beamwidth, and 68 vertical beamwidth with 100W maximum power handling capability. The KP-380SPED-5-NF exposed dipole antennas are robust, outdoor, weatherproof, and high velocity wind sustainable antennas made up of high-grade aluminum alloys for longevity and resistant to corrosion. These exposed dipoles are already tuned to be Quarter wavelength away from the mast and do not require any further field adjustments. This premium 1-bay antenna has offset pattern are side mounted ¼ wave spacing from the mast, has a pigtail terminated with 1 Type N female connector.

KP Performance KP-380SPED-5-NF Quarter wave exposed, single element folded dipole antenna operates in UHF bands with a 4.6 dBi/ 2.45 dBd. This 380 to 470 MHz antenna comes with a central support mast which is precisely designed for tight fit dipole attachments for ease transportation and error free installations. This Quarter wave KP-380SPED-5-NF comes with Type N connector is in stock and ready to ship the same day. Our expert technical support and friendly, knowledgeable customer service personnel are available to assist you with your particular needs for high performance Log Periodic antenna engineered for superior performance antennas.


  • Frequency coverage for 380 MHz to 470 MHz with Type N Female connector
  • Very High Gain 4.6 dBi / 2.45 dBd antennas
  • Easy and quick time to installations
  • Industrially tuned dipoles made of high-grade aluminum alloys
  • 1-Folded dipole antenna has offset pattern with ¼ wave spacing
  • 210° horizontal beamwidth, and 68° vertical beamwidth with Vertical Polarization
  • 100 W max input power


  • Outdoor point-to-point (PtP) or point-to-multipoint (PtMP) applications
  • UHF radio applications supported with Trunking for two-way radio communications
  • Wireless LAN systems, IOT and IIOT low data high coverage applications
  • TV Broadcasts and FM radio applications
  • Air traffic controllers / Public Safety / Emergency services / Marine communications
  • Tetra and P-25 Applications exclusively supported
  • Land Mobile Radio (LMR) and Private Mobile Radio (PMR)