Vehicle GPS Antennas

Drive with confidence using KP Performance Antennas' vehicle GPS antennas. Our high-gain antennas, boasting 28dB, ensure reliable positioning even in challenging environments. With right-hand circular polarization, these antennas minimize signal interference and multipath effects, resulting in improved signal quality. Designed to withstand rugged outdoor conditions with IPX6 or IP66 waterproof and dustproof ratings, our antennas are the perfect choice for a wide range of automotive applications.


Enable Accurate and Reliable Positioning in Automotive Applications with Vehicle GPS Antennas


KP Performance Antennas’ vehicle GPS antennas are in-stock and ready to ship with no minimum order quantities.

SMA and FAKRA Connector Options

Versatile connector options for seamless integration with your automotive systems.

GPS L1, BeiDou B1, and Glonass G1 Support

Get accurate location data for optimal route planning and tracking.

Vehicle GPS Antennas Features

Active High Gain Embedded LNA

Low noise amplifiers effectively capture and amplify weak GNSS signals and suppress unwanted interference.

Neodymium Magnet Mount

Rare-Earth Neodymium Magnets for secure and easy installation on different vehicle types.

IP Rated Protection

IPX6 or IP66 rated waterproof and dustproof design for reliable operation in harsh conditions.