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High Quality 400 MHz and 900 MHz Yagi Antennas

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  • Available in 400 MHz and 900 MHz configurations
  • 900 MHz antennas provide large bandwidth of operation from 880 MHz to 960 MHz
  • Aircraft Quality Aluminum with 5/16" elements
  • Black Powder-coated for corrosion, fade and ice-build up resistance
  • 200 mph wind survivability
  • Gain options of 9 dBi to 13 dBi
  • Antennas come fully welded for maximum durability
  • In-stock for same-day shipping

High Quality 400 MHz and 900 MHz Yagi Antennas from KP Performance


The new KP Performance 400 MHz and 900 MHz yagi antennas are the perfect solution for Utilities and Land Mobile Radio customers looking to deploy in the toughest conditions.

These new yagi antennas feature robust 5/16" aircraft quality aluminum elements, are built to withstand up to 200 mph wind load, and are completely welded to a 1" boom for maximum durability ensuring performance and survivability in the toughest environments.


Supplied with an N-female connector, the new KP yagi antennas provide simple and easy coaxial connections to radios, ranging from 9 dBi to 13 dBi of gain for superior performance.


These high quality 400 MHz and 900 MHz Yagi antennas are in stock for same-day shipping.



  • Utilities
  • Land Mobile Radio
  • Oil and Gas
  • Manufacturing
  • Public Safety
  • WISP