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Quick-Connect ProLine 1 and 2 Foot
Parabolic Antenna Kits

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  • Simplified installation with patented quick-connect waveguide technology
  •  Adjustable horizontal / vertical or ± 45° slant polarization
  •  Over 25 dB cross polarization discrimination and port isolation
  •  Mountable on left or right side of the pole
  •  Rugged mechanical design engineered to survive high wind and icy environments
  •  Fully powder-coated reflector and brackets with corrosive resistant hardware
  •  Optional 2-foot radome to reduce wind load on the tower
  •  Improves coverage distance from AP to CPE by improving SINR
Quick-Connect ProLine 1 and 2 Foot Parabolic Antenna Kits

Quick-Connect ProLine 1 and 2 Foot Parabolic Antenna Kits from KP Performance


KP Performance offers Quick-Connect Parabolic antenna kits that bundle the KP ProLine 1 and 2-foot 5 GHz Parabolic antenna with radio-specific and dual-polarization N-type adapters.

This 1-foot and 2-foot 5GHz ProLine Parabolic Antenna kits offers gains of 24 dBi and 29 dBi,  respectively, across a 4.9 GHz to 6.4 GHz bandwidth, and are engineered to suppress side-lobes and back-lobes and are excellent at rejecting interference. Our parabolic antennas are perfectly suited for high density PtP client-premise equipment or backhaul applications.


The patented quick-connect waveguide technology is weatherproof, cable-less, allows adjustable polarization, and uses a push-in housing that is compatible with popular Cambium, Ubiquiti, and Mimosa radios. For any other radio, KP's Quick-Connect dual polarization N-type adapter and the antenna's designated radio mounting point makes installation just as easy.


The 1- and 2-foot Parabolic Antennas with Adapter kits are in stock and available for immediate shipment.