Omni Antennas with NMO Mounts

KP Performance Antennas offers a variety of in-stock omni antennas with NMO mounts designed for quick and temporary installations of mobile antennas. This makes them a great option for situations where mobile communication is needed on a temporary basis, such as in emergency response situations, law enforcement operations, or field service work.


High Gain and Multiple Mounting Options Provide a Reliable and Effective Solution for Enhancing Wireless Network Performance


Omni antennas with NMO mounts in-stock with best-in-class lead times

Easy Installations

No drilling is required for the installation of this antenna mount, and the magnetic base is easy to install and offers a temporary plug-and-play installation

Rugged Designs

Designed for outdoor use and are omnidirectional, providing high gain for a range of wireless network applications, including IT, Zigbee, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi

Omni Antennas with NMO Mounts Features

Connector Options

Multiple mounting connector options, including RP SMA, N-Female, N-Male, SMA, RP TNC Plug, and TNC Male

High Gain

With gains ranging from 2.5 to 5.5 dBi, these new omni antennas provide fast and reliable coverage

Mounting Options

The multiple mounting options for the NMO mount make these antennas versatile for use in a variety of applications.

Heavy Duty Mounting

These omni antennas with NMO mounts are constructed with a heavy-duty magnet to ensure secure mounting