Non-Penetrating Antenna Roof Mounts

We offer an innovative series of in-stock, non-penetrating antenna roof mounts to address a variety of installation applications.


Avoid Reluctance by Building Owners and Reduce the Possibility of Roof Leaks


In-stock and available for same-day shipping

Easy Assembly

Simple and detailed step-by-step installation documents included

Rugged Designs

Constructed with galvanized steel and powder coating material


Roof Type Mount Options

Peak mounts for peak style roofs and base mounts for flat style roofs with 1500mm (59”) center mast

High Survivability

Operating windspeeds up to 50 KM/h (31 mph) and survival windspeeds up to 100 KM/h (62 mph)

Multiple Kit Options

Variety of kit options with extra 850mm arm to support more antennas and radios

Eliminates Roof Damage

No screws or anchors required minimizing damage to the roof