New! VHF / UHF Dipole, Collinear and Yagi Antennas

We offer an innovative series of in-stock, VHF / UHF Exposed Dipole Arrays, Omnidirectional Collinear Antennas and Yagis for Land Mobile Radio (LMR), public safety, military communications, trunking and amateur radio applications


New VHF / UHF Exposed Dipole Arrays Cover 135-512 MHz Frequencies

High Power Handling

Over 200W

Rugged Outdoor Design

Designed for operation in all environmental conditions

Easy Installations

Internalized cabling with connectorized cable


Deployment Options

Multiple gain options with fixed and adjustable dipole configurations

Lightning Protection

All components are DC grounded

Consistent Performance

Optional prefabricated arrays with fixed ¼ or ½ wave spacing from the mast

Easy Transportation

Individual, folded or straight dipoles

Featured VHF / UHF Folded Dipole and Dipole Arrays, Collinear Antennas, and Yagi Antennas

Picture of 1 Folded Dipole Antenna, 4.6 dbi Gain, 138-174 MHz, 1/4 Wave Offset Pattern, Type N Female, V-pol, 65 Vertical HBPW, 210 Horizontal HBPW


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Picture of 2 Folded Dipole Antenna, 7 dbi Gain, 406-512 MHz, 1/2 Wave Bidirectional Pattern, Type N Female, V-pol, 35 Vertical HBPW


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Picture of 400 to 470 MHz, 3 dBi Exposed Dipole Antenna with N Female, Vertical Polarization, 1 Port, 1.5 VSWR


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Picture of 134 to 174 MHz, 4.5 dBi Omnidirectional Antenna with N Female, Vertical Polarization, 1 Port, 1.5 VSWR


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