IoT Multiband Combination Antennas

We offer an innovative series of in-stock, IoT multiband combination antennas for vehicles/fleet and base stations. With a focus on providing seamless connectivity, our new IoT multiband combination antennas are specifically engineered to meet the unique needs of fleets and base stations across diverse industries such as transportation and logistics, emergency response, agriculture and more.


Reliable and Uninterrupted Connectivity for Fleets and Base Stations, Regardless of the Environmental Conditions or Location


IoT multiband combination antennas are in-stock for same-day shipping

Easy Installation

Designed for easy and hassle-free installations, ensuring a seamless integration with existing systems

Superior Performance

Improved signal strength, extended range, enhanced safety and better aesthetics

IoT Multiband Combination Antennas Features

Indoor/Outdoor IP69K Rated

Ensuring that these antennas can withstand harsh environmental conditions, such as extreme temperatures, water and dust including high-pressure and high-temperature jet spray

MIMO Compatible

Transmit and receive multiple signals simultaneously for improved data transfer speeds and increased capacity

Multiband Functionality

With dedicated ports for 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi and GPS bands, these IoT multiband combination antennas are capable of picking up signals for each band separately


FAKRA connectors with 17ft cable leads for easy installation and integration into existing systems