WISP Antennas

Elevate your network's capabilities with KP Performance Antennas' newly launched WISP antennas. Engineered specifically to support Internet Service Providers (ISPs), our antennas adapt to your unique coverage needs, promising enhanced wireless communication in the ever-evolving digital landscape.


Customizable, Robust and Efficient Wireless Networking with WISP Antennas


WISP antennas are in-stock and ready to ship with no minimum order quantities.

Tuned for Spectrum

Our antennas cover popular frequency bands such as 2.4 GHz, 3.3 GHz and unlicensed 6 GHz ensuring compatibility with a wide range of wireless services.

Perfect Angles

Choose from antennas featuring 40° or 65° beamwidth patterns, tailor-made to meet your specific coverage requirements.

WISP Antenna Features

5G, WLAN, and CBRS Ready

Stay ahead of the curve – Antennas are designed to support 5G, WLAN, and CBRS systems, aligning with the global shift towards advanced technologies.

Gain Advantage

Experience superior connectivity with gain performance ranging from 12 dBi to 18 dBi, maximizing your network's potential.

Broad Coverage

Our point-to-multipoint coverage system ensures efficient and reliable communication, broadening the horizons for wireless internet service providers.

Port Profusion

With options of 4 and 8-port antennas featuring a type N female connector, you have the flexibility to adapt to varied deployment scenarios.