5 GHz 17 dBi (4-Port) Dual Pol H/V 65 Degree Sector Antenna 17 Inch Tall (Cables Included)

Frequency Range:4.9 GHz to 5.9 GHz
Polarization Type:Horizontal/Vertical
Gain:17.5 dBi
Vertical Beamwidth:7.3°
Horizontal Beamwidth:65°
Electrical Downtilt:0.5°
F/B Ratio:31 dB
Cross Polar Ratio:25 dB
Port Isolation:24 dB
Connector Type:4 x Type N Female
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The KP Performance KPPA-5GHZHV4P65-17 is 5 GHz 17" tall sector antenna specially designed for use with the Mimosa A5c radio. This 4x4 MIMO sector antenna has 4 ports arranged as one quad-pol antenna. The total quad-pol coverage of our KPPA-5GHZHV4P65-17 is 65° and is achieved by a single antenna.

Four of these x4 sector antennas mounted around a tower gives complete coverage for one quad port A5c per sector at full sector gain. An additional 3 dBi of beam forming gain is achieved by using the Mimosa A5c, but this sector can also work with other 5 GHz AP radios. Comes with (4) LMR200 Type-N to Type-N 18" cables.